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Stagecoach Dennis Trident Donated to Museum of Transport Greater Manchester

Image provided by MoTGM Back in 1999, the Museum of Transport Greater Manchester held an ‘accessible transport’ event with help and displays to enable less-mobile visitors to sample the preserved buses whose high floors and steep steps made them hard to experience.  To highlight the progress being made, Stagecoach Manchester brought along the very first of its new generation of something called a ‘low floor’ double deck bus with no entrance steps and easier access. It was their number 612, a Dennis Trident 2 with Alexander ALX400 body, brand new and yet to enter service. Fast forward to 2021 and that very same bus is back in the Museum again – as a preserved exhibit, kindly donated by Stagecoach Manchester to represent the new generation of buses with better accessibility. After use as a driver trainer, at the age of 22 years, it enters the growing ranks of preserved buses from the turn of the century and in due course it’ll be painted into the iconic stripes livery. Museum Chairman De

Additional School Bus Services throughout Merseyside

To aid with social distancing for public bus users when schools return in September, Merseytravel is introducing ‘dedicated school bus services’ that specifically serve schools on some busy journeys.

Additional services will operate for use by school children only and will operate with an ‘S’ prefix in front of their normal service number and will display ‘School Children only’ beneath their destination.

A list of these journeys can be found below. This list will be regularly updated with any changes and journeys may be subject to change based on demand and requirement, so please check the Merseytravel website regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes made.

The operator of the additional buses may be different from the usual operator, however the normal fares will be charged and the normal pre-paid tickets will still be accepted, although the weekly tickets won’t able to be purchased on the ‘S’ buses. Where possible, passengers are advised to pay with the exact fare. Contactless payments can also be made.

Route No.OperatorAreaRoute
S10StagecoachLiverpool/St Helens0743 Queen Square Bus Station - St Helens Bus Station
S10StagecoachLiverpool/St Helens1441 St Helens Bus Station - Queen Square Bus Station
S10AStagecoachLiverpool0805 Dovecot - Whiston Hospital 0820
S10AStagecoachLiverpool1440 Whiston Hospital - Queens Drive 1459
S12ArrivaLiverpool1435 City Centre - Stockbridge Village - City Centre 1613
S13ArrivaLiverpool0716 City Centre - Stockbridge Village - City Centre 0853
S17SelwynsWirral0742 Moreton - Wirral Grammar
S18StagecoachLiverpool0727 Croxteth Park - Queens Drive 0747
S18StagecoachLiverpool0802 Croxteth Park - West Derby School 0827
S18StagecoachLiverpool1510 Tuebrook - Croxteth Park 1530
S18StagecoachLiverpool1542 Queens Drive - Croxteth Park 1600
S26StagecoachLiverpool0750 Liverpool ONE Bus Station - Princes Park 0839
S26ArrivaLiverpool1454 Liverpool ONE Bus Station - Liverpool ONE Bus Station 1554
S27ArrivaLiverpool0724 Liverpool ONE Bus Station - Liverpool ONE Bus Station 0818
S27StagecoachLiverpool1508 Princes Park - Liverpool ONE Bus Station 1554
S32WarringtonSt Helens0759 St Helens - Sutton Academy 0821
S32WarringtonSt Helens1522 Sutton Academy - St Helens 1543
S38StagecoachWirral0730 West Kirby - Bromborough
S38StagecoachWirral1533 Bromborough - West Kirby
S44MaghullSefton0757 Formby - Southport 0848
S46ArrivaSefton0749 High Park - Carr Lane 0823
S46MaghullSefton1525 Carr Lane - Russell Road 1601
S47MaghullSefton0745 Crossens - Crosby 0854
S47ArrivaLiverpool/Sefton0745 Queen Square Bus Station - Crossens 0918
S47ArrivaSefton/Liverpool1417 Crossens - Liverpool 1601
S47MaghullSefton1506 Crosby - Crossens 1610
S54ArrivaLiverpool/Sefton1459 Thornton - City Centre - Thornton 1711
S60ArrivaLiverpool0716 Aigburth Vale - Bootle 0806
S60ArrivaLiverpool0723 Bootle - Aigburth Vale 0810
S60StagecoachLiverpool1440 Aigburth - Walton 1519
S60StagecoachLiverpool1459 Walton - Aigburth 1535
S60StagecoachLiverpool1541 Aigburth - Walton 1620
S61MaghullKnowsley0744 Huyton - Rainhill 0824
S61MaghullKnowsley1527 Rainhill - Huyton 1607
S61AStagecoachLiverpool0727 Aigburth - Walton Vale 0825
S61AArrivaLiverpool0735 Bootle - Aigburth Vale 0844
61AArrivaLiverpool1412 Bootle - Aigburth Vale 1521
61AArrivaLiverpool1430 Aigburth Vale - Bootle 1538
S62ArrivaLiverpool0724 Bootle - Penny Lane 0832
S62StagecoachLiverpool0740 Penny Lane - Bootle 0854
S62ArrivaLiverpool1444 Bootle - Penny Lane 1552
S62StagecoachLiverpool1540 Penny Lane - Rice Lane 1636
S63ArrivaLiverpool0633 Bootle - Aintree Hospital - Bootle 0842
S63ArrivaLiverpool1503 Crosby - Aintree Hospital - Crosby 1728
S68ArrivaLiverpool0701 Bootle - Aigburth Vale 0805
S68ArrivaLiverpool1510 Bootle - Aigburth Vale 1640
S75ArrivaLiverpool1438 Liverpool ONE Bus Station - Halewood 1541
S75StagecoachLiverpool1456 Halewood - City Centre 1554
S78ArrivaLiverpool1501 Halewood - City Centre - Halewood 1700
S81ArrivaLiverpool0722 Bootle - Speke 0839
S81StagecoachLiverpool1501 Walton - Hunts Cross 1548
S81StagecoachLiverpool1523 Hunts Cross - Walton 1601
S81AArrivaLiverpool0721 Speke - Bootle 0832
S89StagecoachSt Helens/Liverpool0715 St Helens - Liverpool Airport
S89StagecoachLiverpool/St Helens0722 Liverpool Airport - St Helens
S89StagecoachSt Helens/Liverpool1440 St Helens - Liverpool Airport
S89StagecoachLiverpool/St Helens1514 Liverpool Airport - St Helens
S102StagecoachLiverpool0717 Willow Way - Broadgreen 0747
S102StagecoachLiverpool1509 Broadgreen - Willow Way 1543
S133MaghullSefton0743 Kirkby - Crosby 0844
S166StagecoachLiverpool0710 Belle Vale - Belle Vale 0805
S188StagecoachLiverpool1445 Belle Vale - Belle Vale 1553
S204StagecoachLiverpool0706 Belle Vale - Liverpool ONE Bus Station
S204StagecoachLiverpool1503 Liverpool ONE Bus Station - Belle Vale
S217StagecoachKnowsley0704 Huyton - Kirkby
S227StagecoachKnowsley1512 Kirkby - Huyton
K1 (297)HattonsSt Helens0800 Kirkby - St Helens
S320WarringtonSt Helens0740 St Helens - Ashton 0813
S320WarringtonSt Helens1530 Ashton - St Helens 1558
S352OgdensSt Helens1534 Orrell (St Peters High) - St Helens 1610
S385ArrivaSefton0710 Wigan - Southport 0858
S385ArrivaSefton1439 Southport - Wigan 1631
S385ArrivaSefton1513 Wigan - Southport 1700
S409SelwynsWirral0730 Birkenhead - Wallasey Vill 0756
S409ArrivaWirral1500 Wallasey Village - Wallasey Village 1556
S410SelwynsWirral0705 New Brighton - Bebington 0801
S410ArrivaWirral1515 Clatterbridge - New Brighton 1619
S413ArrivaWirral0754 Seacombe - Woodside 0910
S414SelwynsWirral0735 Birkenhead Bus Station - Liscard 0828
S414SelwynsWirral1525 Liscard - Birkenhead 1621
S418SelwynsWirral1526 Beb Station - Birkenhead 1618
S437SelwynsWirral0751 Birkenhead Bus Station - West Kirby 0835
S437SelwynsWirral1519 West Kirby - Birkenhead Bus Station 1600
S464ArrivaWirral0802 New Ferry - Liverpool 0838
S464ArrivaWirral1502 New Ferry - Liverpool 1538
S487ArrivaWirral0739 Birkenhead - Neston 0835
S487ArrivaWirral1446 Neston - Birkenhead 1553
S492ArrivaWirral0755 Birkenhead - Biekenhead 0848
S495SelwynsWirral1525 Storeton Rd - Birkenhead 1603


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