A rapid way from Liverpool to Chester by Stagecoach

near Chester, Cheshire West and Chester, UK
Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancashire introduced their new X8 service on the 7th September, it provides a frequent service from two of the North West's primary retail and leisure hubs in Liverpool and Chester enabling shoppers from both cities to reach key destinations like Liverpool One and Cheshire Oaks.

Stagecoach Merseyside & South Lancashire Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 PO12 HTC (27778) at Cheshire Oaks

The new service runs seven days a week, every 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday, every hour on Sundays and bank holidays and enables commuters to travel between Liverpool and Chester in just over an hour – the fastest bus service currently available.

Fastway Scanias for Halton Transport

near Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Halton Transport have recently acquired fourteen Scania N230UB with Scania's own OmniCity bodywork. They were part of a fleet of buses entered service with Metrobus on Fastway routes 10 and 20 during 2009 which serve Crawley, Gatwick Airport, Manor Royal Business District and Horley.

With Fastway vehicles usually being less than five years old, the five year old buses recently returned off lease to their leasing company, and subsequently found their way to Halton Transport for further service.

This Scania N230UB with Scania OmniCity bodywork is pictured passing through Belle Vale, it is registered YT09 BKG with the fleet number of 83 operating service 14 to Widnes, Vicarage Road. It was new to Metrobus as their 571 for Fastway services.

To date, seven of the fourteen are in service, three are away being converted to single door and four are yet to arrive. Managing Director at Halton Transport, Colin Stafford advises that all fourteen are to have their centre doors removed and are to be retrimmed into leather seating in the near future.

The seven vehicles in service still retain their silver and blue livery, part-leather part-moquette Fastway seating, their dual-door layout as well as Metrobus-style Havover Displays destination equipment, which includes a full front and side display and a route number display to the rear.

Second and third waves of strikes for Stagecoach Wigan

near Wigan, UK
As part of an on-going dispute regarding pay, around 220 drivers at Stagecoach's Wigan depot will once again go on strike in the coming weeks, with the planned dates of strike action being held on: Saturday 27th September, Tuesday 30th September, Wednesday 8th October and Tuesday 14th October.

A Stagecoach Wigan Alexander Dennis Enviro400 stands at Wigan Bus Station bound for Manchester

Stagecoach continues to express its disappointment as the company met initial demands set out by the union.

Christopher Bowles, managing director of Stagecoach Wigan, said: “We are very disappointed that the union representing staff at our Wigan depot has decided to take further strike action.

"During the previous strike action earlier this month we continued to operate services as normal and we have again put in place contingency arrangements to protect our passengers. We will continue to serve all routes although a small number of routes may operate a slightly reduced frequency."

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